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“Confession’s Healing Effect” - Astrologer Deepali Astro Confessing one’s misdemeanours cleanses internal hatred and resentment, writes Astrologer Deepali Dubey What do we do when we have blundered, filling our waking existence with guilt and misery? What do we do when we are terribly hurt by the misdeeds of other people? We commit serious mistakes in our dealings with others and our greatest fault is not to be aware of it. Most of us tend to let ill feeling and jealousy fester inside us, further aggravating the situation. This tends to affect relationships as deep resentment can adversely affect one’s physical and mental health. The best way to begin the healing process would be to, first, admit that one has made a mistake, and second, to set about making amends and begin by talking about it openly. Tarot Card Reader Ms Deepali Dubey explains about the outcome of Confession. We overcome relational barriers: Offending another not only ruins the relationship, but also produces feelings of resentment, suspicion and guilt within us towards others. Admitting our faults to them builds trust and closer understanding. We overcome fear of rejection: Shame over mistakes, experienced by those with tender conscience, makes us reject ourselves and produces fear of being rejected by others. Confession frees us from shame and confirms that God’s forgiveness and acceptance are real. We overcome condemnation: Many believers live out their lives feeling they are useless. They twirl in a cycle of perpetual depression as they blame others for their misery. The root of such a state is the feeling that God has rejected them. Even prayers and confession do not free such people. He must admit his fears, feelings and guilt to a trustworthy person, to gain assurance that he is truly forgiven. We overcome pride: Blameshifting is the most subtle form of pride. While blaming circumstances and deeds of others, we are saying: ‘I am perfect; he is to blame. ’ We overcome sickness: When we err, our conscience is burdened and we feel sick. How we feel about ourselves and others also affects our physical health. Healing of many afflictions comes as a result of confession. Confession and reconciliation is the route for wholeness. It is worth all the risks because it promotes health and removes sickness from our body and mind. We must pray for our hearts to be flooded with such love as to be able to love all.
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