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Narada Jayanti 2018 - By Deepali Astro, Best Astrologer in Delhi NCR Narada Jayanti is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Devrishi Narada Muni. According to Vedic Puranas and mythologies Devrishi Narada is a universal divine messenger and primary source of information among Gods. Narada Muni has the ability to visit all Teen Loks, Akash or Heaven, Prithvi or Earth and Patal or Netherworld and is believed to be first journalist on the Earth. Narada Muni keeps travelling across the universe to communicate the information. However, most of His timely information creates trouble but that is for the betterment of the Universe. Speaks Ms Deepali Dubey, renowned Tarot Card Reader Ms Deepali Famous Astrologer Says, Sage Narada is ardent devotee of Lord Narayana, which is one of the forms of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu in the form of Narayana is considered an embodiment of the truth. Narada Jayanti is observed on Pratipada Tithi during Krishna Paksha of Jyeshtha month according to North Indian Purnimant calendar. According to South Indian Amavasyant calendar Narada Jayanti falls on PratipadaTithi during Krishna Paksha of Vaishakha month. It is name of Lunar month which differs and in both type of calendars Narada Jayanti falls on the same day. Usually Narada Jayanti falls next day of Buddha Purnima. Buddha Purnima and Narada Jayanti might fall on same day if Pratipada Tithi is skipped, Adds Deepali Astro, Astrologer based in Noida.
⁠Kalashtami Fast - Astrologer Deepali Dubey Kalashtami, which is also known as Kala Ashtami, is observed every month during Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha. Devotees of Lord Bhairav keep fast and worship Him on all Kalashtami days in the year. The most significant Kalashtami, which is known as Kalabhairav Jayanti, falls in the month of Margashirsha according to North Indian, Purnima to Purnima, lunar month calendar while Kalabhairav Jayanti falls in the month of Kartik in South Indian, Amavasya to Amavasya, lunar month calendar. However both calendars observe Kalabhairav Jayanti on the same day. It is believed that Lord Shiva was appeared in form of Bhairav on the same day, Added Deepali Astro, Astrologer in Delhi Kalabhairav Jayanti is also known as Bhairav Ashtami. Famous Tarot Card Reader Ms Deepali Dubey says that it should be noted that Kalashtami fasting might be observed on Saptami Tithi. Vratraj Kalashtami fasting should be observed on the day when Ashtami Tithi prevails during night. Ashtami should prevail at least for one Ghati after Pradosh while selecting fasting day for Kalashtami. Otherwise Kalashtami fasting day is moved to previous day when Ashtami Tithi is more likely to prevail during night. Ms Deepali Dubey is renowned Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader And Paranormal Expert in Noida
“Confession’s Healing Effect” - Astrologer Deepali Astro Confessing one’s misdemeanours cleanses internal hatred and resentment, writes Astrologer Deepali Dubey What do we do when we have blundered, filling our waking existence with guilt and misery? What do we do when we are terribly hurt by the misdeeds of other people? We commit serious mistakes in our dealings with others and our greatest fault is not to be aware of it. Most of us tend to let ill feeling and jealousy fester inside us, further aggravating the situation. This tends to affect relationships as deep resentment can adversely affect one’s physical and mental health. The best way to begin the healing process would be to, first, admit that one has made a mistake, and second, to set about making amends and begin by talking about it openly. Tarot Card Reader Ms Deepali Dubey explains about the outcome of Confession. We overcome relational barriers: Offending another not only ruins the relationship, but also produces feelings of resentment, suspicion and guilt within us towards others. Admitting our faults to them builds trust and closer understanding. We overcome fear of rejection: Shame over mistakes, experienced by those with tender conscience, makes us reject ourselves and produces fear of being rejected by others. Confession frees us from shame and confirms that God’s forgiveness and acceptance are real. We overcome condemnation: Many believers live out their lives feeling they are useless. They twirl in a cycle of perpetual depression as they blame others for their misery. The root of such a state is the feeling that God has rejected them. Even prayers and confession do not free such people. He must admit his fears, feelings and guilt to a trustworthy person, to gain assurance that he is truly forgiven. We overcome pride: Blameshifting is the most subtle form of pride. While blaming circumstances and deeds of others, we are saying: ‘I am perfect; he is to blame. ’ We overcome sickness: When we err, our conscience is burdened and we feel sick. How we feel about ourselves and others also affects our physical health. Healing of many afflictions comes as a result of confession. Confession and reconciliation is the route for wholeness. It is worth all the risks because it promotes health and removes sickness from our body and mind. We must pray for our hearts to be flooded with such love as to be able to love all.
Kamakhya Temple: The Temple Dedicated To Removing Black Magic Deepali Astro - Famous Astrologer in Delhi speaks about Kamakhya Temple, it is situated 800 ft above the sea level atop the Nilachal Hill in Guwhati, Assam is dedicated to mother goddess Kamakhya, which is one amongst the 52 Shakti Pithas and is specifically dedicated to removal of black magic. About Kamakhya The Kamakhya temple is devoted to mother goddess Kamakhya, which is one amongst the 52 Shakti Pithas. It’s the primary temple, devoted to Kamakhya, within a complex of temples devoted towards ten Mahavidyas: Bhuvaneshvari, Bagalamukhi, Chinnamasta, Tripura Sundari, Tara, Kali, Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Matangi and Kamala. Of these, Tripurasundari, Matangi and Kamala reside inside the primary temple whereas another seven reside in individual temples. It’s a pilgrimage to go for general Hindu especially for Tantric worshipers and to seek cure from Black Magic, Adds Ms Deepali Dubey, Astrologer What is the Puja that is done to remove Black Magic: Sadhu & Agorhi’s who reside near the temple perform Puja and rituals to cure individuals from Black magic. These Sadhus’s can be found in and around the temple premise. In ancient times Kamakhya was the place of Tantrikism and Black Magic cure (Still this is followed). It is also most likely that this is an ancient Khasi sacrificial site. This is also the only temple where ten Mahavidyas reside together. Ms Deepali Dubey is Astrologer in Delhi & Ardent Follower of Maa Kamakhya.
Best Tarot Card Reader in Delhi 10 simple steps to de-stress - by Ms. Deepali Dubey 1. Manage your time Consider your priorities and delegate or discard unnecessary tasks. 2. Don’t magnify problems Apply logical reason over emotional reactions so you don’t jump to conclusions or distort issues. 3. Ask for help Unsure of your ability to do something? Ask someone supportive who is also knowledgeable. 4. Don’t overextend yourself Consider what is truly essential and important to you versus what can take a backseat right now. 5. Try mini-relaxations Not enough time for stress relief? Slow down just enough to pay attention to one task or pleasure. 6. Loosen up the tension Try massage, a hot bath, mini-relaxations, a body scan, or a mindful walk. Practically, any exercise will help too. 7. Overcome pessimism Remind yourself of the value of optimism and add creative, productive, and leisure pursuits to your life. 8. Manage conflict Own your feelings and be more assertive by stat- ing your needs or distress directly. 9. Self-nurture Care for your mind and body by practicing good health and wellness techniques. 10. Connect with others The world is a kinder, more wondrous place when you share its pleasures and wonders.